Growing a great group of businesses

We are about growing a great group of businesses through smart investment, innovation and people.


We are in a time of considerable change where traditional businesses are being disrupted. TPT Group believes this represents a significant opportunity and we are embracing innovation.


As humans we tend to have linear mindsets, expecting things to continue as they always have, we instead need to have exponential mindsets. We need to disrupt ourselves before someone else does.


Innovative businesses, solutions and products, result in new careers and job security that can only be great for New Zealand.


The Group has a proven track record around innovation, as well as successfully integrating and establishing businesses, providing the right experience, structure and resources, to facilitate growth.


TPT Group has an experienced Board of Directors, including three independent directors, and owns businesses in the electronic security, SaaS, technology, finance & leasing, information technology, asset inspection and commercial-industrial property sectors.


The Group operate 20 offices across New Zealand and are currently establishing in Australia.


The business and shareholders have a strong social conscience and are proud to support the community via a number of charities and partnerships.

TPT Group Holdings (NZ) Limited

PO Box 12236


Auckland 1642

New Zealand


T: 0800 420 032


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