TPT Group Holdings (NZ) LImited

New Zealand’s TPT Group, including operating subsidiary - Advanced Security Group - has come out of the Covid-19 Alert Level 3&4 phase swinging. New business has been written in support of critical essential services that had to be implemented during lockdown, and additional support has been given to existing customers. These responses have enabled our essential service providers to meet new demands of the strange world we are all having to navigate.

The TPT Group has been described as one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. It is a success story that started over 20 years ago and has continued in both adversity and easier times relentlessly throughout

those two decades. The bases of that success have been a vigilant eye on opportunity, and an unwavering belief that every challenge has its own gold nuggets if you are agile and focused enough to recognise them.

These core mindsets stood the Group in great stead when negotiating the Global Financial Crisis, and the same has proven to be the case with the Covid-19 challenge. This time around, the greater diversity of the Group has given TPT Group extra capacity and flexibility to accommodate some novel requirements of customers.

The positioning by the Group two years ago to synchronise three main operating business strategies has been particularly beneficial in the latest crisis. This integrated approach to delivering customer solutions has given the Group additional punch and impact, on short lead times.

Businesses thrive on strong fundamentals and core values; so do customer relationships where the parties work together with shared good faith, for the combined greater good. That was proven yet again when the Group responded to a request from a major government agency during the Alert Level 4 period. A critical missing link for the customer was central to new operating procedures triggered by the Covid-19 crisis. TPT’s versatility and innovative thinking combined with the customers innate understanding of the public’s expectations of them. The result was a working solution that the customer can now carry forward into standard, everyday business as usual protocols, once relative normality is resumed.

At the same time, two of the other operating businesses within the Group have also extended their activity base, assisted by the strong underlying capitalisation of the Group. IT Engine has moved quickly extending its three existing offices, to four, with offices in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, the information technology and innovative solutions provider, also supported and integrated across the national network of the TPT Group.

ASG Technologies continues to lead like-minded organisations in solving complex problems, often from a moon-shot thinking perspective. Again, these - often brave - initiatives are inextricably linked to the strengths and entrepreneurial thinking of the other Group businesses.

One moon-shot venture that TPT is behind, and is developing with two major New Zealand corporates, is expected to be announced in the near future.

Meanwhile, the combination of organic growth and acquisition strategy that has been so fruitful for Advanced Security for so many years now, continues to apply today. This business – one of the largest dedicated corporate and industrial integrated security solutions provider in the country - sees the current environment and its balance sheet resource as excellent opportunities for a continuing expansion of its investment in New Zealand and New Zealanders’ future prosperity.

Post Covid-19, the Group is on a recruitment drive with a number of new roles being advertised.

Mike Marr (founder, owner, TPT Group CEO) summed up all of this with the simple message: “We are proud to call New Zealand home and we truly want to contribute to the recovery and resilience of our country, our businesses and our people. We will take great satisfaction from continuing to assist in and support those objectives.”

About TPT Group

TPT Group was formed in 1999 and since inception has acquired ten businesses, has had eight successful start-up businesses, with two more currently underway. The Group is proudly New Zealand owned and passionate about building a great business.

TPT Group has a focus of future innovation and believes that’s such businesses, solutions and products result in new careers and job security that can only be great for New Zealand.​

The Group has successfully integrated multiple businesses, providing the right experience, structure and resources, to facilitate growth.

TPT Group today owns businesses in the electronic security, information technology, technology, finance & leasing, information technology, asset inspection, and commercial industrial property sectors.​

​Businesses include Advanced Security Group, IT Engine, Technology Leasing (NZ) Limited, Promessa Property Group Limited, ASGSPL Limited, ASG Technologies Limited, VigilAir Limited, Asset Insight Limited, and TPT Group Investment Fund Limited.