Pictured from left: Hayden George (GM Advanced Security) and Shayne Venn (National Sales Manager of Advanced Security).

[Auckland, 6th May 2023] - Advanced Security Group, the leading nationwide electronic security integrator, was recognised for its outstanding achievements at the prestigious Axis Communications Oceania Awards, held on Thursday night in Alice Springs, Australia. The awards ceremony showcased Advanced Security Group's commitment to excellence and innovation in the electronic security industry.

The Axis Communications Oceania Awards celebrate the remarkable contributions made by industry leaders in various sectors, highlighting their dedication to creating safer and smarter environments through advanced security solutions. Advanced Security Group's exceptional performance and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch electronic security integration solutions garnered them several accolades at the event.

Among the esteemed awards received by Advanced Security Group were:

Axis Smart Cities Award: This award recognizes Advanced Security Group's excellence in providing intelligent security solutions tailored for urban environments. Their innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies have significantly contributed to the development of safer and more connected cities.

Axis Retail Sector Award: Advanced Security Group's expertise and outstanding achievements in securing retail environments have earned them the Axis Retail Sector Award. Their comprehensive security solutions have effectively addressed the unique challenges faced by the retail industry, providing peace of mind to businesses and customers alike.

Axis Critical Infrastructure Award: Advanced Security Group's ability to safeguard critical infrastructure, such as power plants, transportation systems, and government facilities, has been acknowledged with the Axis Critical Infrastructure Award. Their robust security solutions have played a crucial role in protecting essential assets and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Axis Partner of the Year for New Zealand: Recognizing their exceptional partnership and significant contributions, Advanced Security Group was awarded the Axis Partner of the Year for New Zealand. This prestigious accolade underscores their dedication to delivering unparalleled security solutions and outstanding customer service throughout the region.

"We are incredibly proud to receive these prestigious awards from Axis Communications," said Hayden George, General Manager of Advanced Security Group. “Axis “Communications has been a key partner for a number of years, and they collaborate closely with our distributors, our team and our clients to deliver innovative solutions for a safer and smarter world. We’re greatly appreciative of the recognition across a number of industry verticals- it’s a fantastic acknowledgement of how our team are making a difference across the security landscape of New Zealand”.

The Axis Communications Oceania Awards have brought well-deserved recognition to Advanced Security Group's commitment to excellence and their exceptional contribution to the electronic security integration landscape. These awards further solidify their position as a leading provider of advanced security solutions, trusted by clients across New Zealand and beyond.

Wai King Wong, Regional Director for Oceania at Axis Communications, said: “We recognise and highly value the ongoing commitment of our partners and are proud to thank not only the award winners but also the entire partner network for their contributions over the past year. Our success in delivering cutting-edge security solutions is a testament to the strength of our partnerships. Through working collaboratively with our partners, we have navigated the challenges posed by the fast-paced technology landscape and developed innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of our end customers.”

Advanced Security continues to be one of the of the few truly nationwide electronic security integrators and the business has become unique in the market through its broader market capability with its sister companies, IT Engine, Cablenet, and ASG Technologies. All of the businesses operating under the banner of Advanced Group (NZ) Limited www.advancedgroup.co.nz .


Released by Advanced Security Group, Auckland.