IT Engine understands that COVID-19 has completely changed the business landscape.

As a proudly New Zealand owned company providing quality IT solutions to government, corporates, and small to medium sized businesses, IT Engine is pleased to recognise great service from suppliers through their annual awards.

IT Engine works with their suppliers to create optimum best practise across the information technology sector and hope honouring their suppliers will strengthen partnerships and support local businesses post COVID-19. As businesses begin to emerge more resilient than ever, IT Engine is pleased to award their annual “Supplier of the Year” award to Exeed for 2019.

Exeed Managing Director Justin Tye says Exeed is very proud to be named IT Engine’s ITE Supplier of the year for 2019.

“The award is recognition of a partnership where both organisations have worked hard to achieve their goals. We have enjoyed partnering across both IT hardware and Microsoft CSP solutions. We are particularly proud of our Microsoft and cloud team who contributed hugely,” says Tye.

IT Engine introduced the Supplier of the Year awards in 2019 to embrace the partnership model where IT Engine and suppliers can align their efforts to achieve improved client outcomes. The supplier awards look at every aspect of the supplier relationship to provide meaningful and constructive feedback to add value to each other’s businesses.

The supplier awards measures a number of key attributes including the supplier working proactively, delivering products, assisting our staff and the invoicing process.

Dove Electronics has been recognised as well in the Supplier Awards receiving a Highly Commended Award.

IT Engine wishes to congratulate Exceed and Dove for their excellent contribution, and thanks all suppliers for their commitment to the business.

Tony Peace the IT Engine General Manager has said “Congratulations and thank you to Exceed and Dove Electronics, your support over the last twelve months has be invaluable, by working together we are making great companies that can navigate challenges such as the Covid pandemic, we are looking forward to working with you both in the coming year.”

About IT Engine Limited

IT Engine Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of TPT Group Holdings (NZ) Limited and is an IT services business originally established in 1997, taking on the name IT Engine in 2008. In 2018 IT Engine was acquired by TPT Group and provides IT Services to government, corporates, small and medium sized businesses in New Zealand.

TPT Group was formed in 1999 and since inception has acquired ten businesses, has had eight successful start-up businesses, with two more currently underway. The Group is proudly New Zealand owned and passionate about building a great business.

TPT Group has a focus of future innovation and believes that’s such businesses, solutions and products result in new careers and job security that can only be great for New Zealand.

Businesses include Advanced Security Group, IT Engine, Technology Leasing (NZ) Limited, Promessa Property Group Limited, ASGSPL Limited, ASG Technologies Limited, VigilAir Limited, Asset Insight Limited, and TPT Group Investment Fund Limited.