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VigilAir Limited founded to commercialise Drone control software

TPT Group Holdings (NZ) Limited is moving to commercialise its VigilAir drone control software.

VigilAir was invented and developed by ASG Technologies Limited, the Group's technology incubator.

ASG Technologies is a technology incubator that is charged with finding innovative ways to develop existing and emerging technologies into capabilities that can deliver enhanced security outcomes for customers. The company is future-focussed and looks to find new ways of leveraging the Group’s inherent capabilities through new technologies and partnerships.

VigilAir is a SaaS product that integrates drones/UAVs into electronic security systems. As a fully automated ‘eye in the sky’ solution, incorporating an on-site drone and cloud-based SaaS software, it will be suitable for university campuses and schools, industrial parks, ports, prisons, town centres and other large areas that are at risk of burglary, vandalism or security compromise.

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